Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Very full...of food, of love, of the Spirit

Dear Family and Friends, 

I'm just gonna stop apologizing for short emails. You guys should just expect it by now. (:  

I know you guys probably won't believe me cause last week's email was a little down, but this week was really good. I felt like it was a very successful week. 

I've been struggling lately bike wise. I've had a flat tire, like completely flat 3 times this past week... not okay. I don't understand what's going on... we bike up to the shop, just a little shop on the side of the road, and they just look at me like I’m crazy and ask me how I did that to my bike. I just have to laugh and say that I don't know. And then they talk about Sister Benson and me, thinking we can't understand them, but then we start laughing, and they get super embarrassed. It happens every time. haha I love it. (: 

We had success, ish, this past week with a less active. Typically when we go over to meet her, she doesn't let us share with her. She just talks with us and we do our best to work gospel topics into the conversation, but this past week, she brought up prayer, so we jumped on that opportunity to share. We taught a great lesson and really felt like she understood it. She even promised to pray, but then we asked her if she's been reading the Book of Mormon. She said yes, good, but that she was also reading the Buddhist scriptures and Islamic scriptures as well... haha Sister Benson and I just looked at each other and started laughing... man... 

We met with lots of less actives and they all went pretty well. Less actives are always pretty much the same, not much changes from week to week. Actually, one of our less actives, Srei Touch, is progressing very nicely. She has started reading her scriptures every day and she came to church. She is the cutest ever. I've gotten really close to her lately and am learning so much from her example. (: 

Thanksgiving!!! So this year, the mission came out with a new rule that the mission won't pay for holidays anymore, which means it's the missionary’s responsibilities to prepare something for holidays. I was way sad that I wouldn't get a good Thanksgiving, but our senior couple, the Dowds, saved the day. We got to go to their apartment as a zone and enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving dinner (lunch). We had all the fixings too. It was so so so good!!! I was so grateful for it. My stomach is even smaller now than it was before my mission, so I only ate a little bit, but it was so tasty. Then they had prepared a super sweet little program and we were able to go around and share what we were grateful for. Man, the spirit was so strong. Something super cool about hearing the testimony of 24 missionaries. However good your Thanksgiving was, it did not beat mine. Not a chance. (: 

GUESS WHAT??? Zeekaa came to church. My mind was blown. We walked up and she was just sitting there and said, “Hey, Sister Loftus!”. I freaked out and she just laughed at me. We had a killer lesson on the Restoration with her and I was SO happy!!! She even told us that now she'll have more time to meet with us. I guess I should've just had faith in her and trusted the lord. (: Maybe one day I’ll learn that lesson. haha 

Things are going good. I love Cambodia. So much. And this gospel. (: 

Sister Loftus
Double D

Just Cambodia

Christmas in Cambodia

Autumn in Cambodia


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