Monday, November 7, 2016

Sore butts (chuu goots) hahaha

Dear Family and Friends, 

Not much happened this week... we spent hours and hours biking with not very many lessons... it was the worst. But that's over and done and hopefully this next week is much better than last. 

Last Monday I was trying to get money out of the ATM and it ate my card... I got my money, but I guess I took too much time folding it and putting it in my wallet cause as I reached my hand out to grab my card, the machine sucked it right back in. I was so mad!!! I just came out and yelled, "it ate my card!!!!"And then Sister Luke, who had an old man trying to speak French to her, started freaking out too... We didn't know what to do. So once I calmed down, I found a number and called customer service, but in order to get my card back we would have to wait until Tuesday at three... so we just went throughout our day like normal and then biked 45 minutes to their headquarters on Tuesday just for them to tell me that I needed my passport to get it back. All I had was a copy and apparently that wasn't good enough... so then we had to bike 20 more minutes to the mission home and get my real passport, then bike back, but by the time we got back.... the bank was closed. What bank closes at 4?? Apparently some banks in America do, at least that's what Sister Luke told me, but I always thought they closed at 6... so that was just a cherry on top of that day... then we had to bike to one of our far areas, another 50 minutes to meet with Tola our investigator. I wasn't happy to be biking that much and we showed up super sweaty, but I love her, so it was okay. We still didn't have my card though... so we had to bike back out there on Wednesday and I finally got my card. I was super enthusiastic and the lady helping me just laughed at me as she handed it back to me. haha everyone just loves me. (; But that wasted a lot of our time, so not much to say on less active lessons... 

Thursday we met with a new investigator. Her name is Bunleu, it means light, and she's super cool. She’s pregnant and way funny. She is a referral from English class and last week she went to church for all three hours, before we even met her. Super cool. We asked her why she was interested in learning about Jesus Christ and our church and she said that she wanted to have a light in her life. She wanted direction. That changed our whole lesson. We ended up sharing a verse on how Jesus is the light and then showed her this way cool picture of Jesus holding a candle. After we taught her, we just let it sink in and all she said was "light...". I think that means she liked what we taught, but we natted (set up another appointment) with her this Thursday, so we'll see if she read and prayed!!! Feels good to get new investigators. (: 

Friday we had a killer zone training. Like so good, but one of the ones that if I try to tell you guys what I learned you wouldn't really understand. You kind of had to be there... but there is an elder that dies (goes home) in 2 weeks and he bore his testimony... that's when things got way real about going home... I DON'T WANT TO... I got super emotional, but enough of that. The actual training went like an hour over, so we missed one of our lessons and that just set everything else in a downward spiral... we didn't get any lessons on Friday and I was super super bummed... like way ticked. 

Saturday was spent biking as well. We had started our personal study, when a member called us and asked if we could meet her sister, Srei Leak. She is our investigator, but super super busy and can't ever meet us, so this was an answer to our prayers. We went and met her and it was really good. Taught the plan of salvation and she said a great prayer. Said it really helped her understand her purpose in life. Hopefully she keeps progressing!!! Saturday night we biked 30 minutes, only for the aunt to tell us her niece wasn't home and that she'd be home at 5, so we biked to the church to meet with bishop, who didn't show up... and then biked back out to Tola's house. She walked in and I asked her how she was and she said not good and started crying... so I asked her what was wrong, but she was crying too hard to tell me, so her cousin and aunt explained to me that she had failed her English test... we were just going to move on with our lesson and not really address the elephant in the room, but we knew that wasn't a smart idea and knew that this was an opportunity for us so show our love and concern for her, so we did what we do best. TAUGHT ENGLISH!!! Except it was way hard because it's a rule that I never learned in English, something that comes naturally for us, but for them they have to learn it and it's way hard... so we spent a way long time teaching her, but she seemed to get it and by the end she was in a lot better spirits than when we showed up. We also taught her about faith and it was super powerful. I LOVE TEACHING THE GOSPEL!!!! 

Sunday was a testimony meeting full of the spirit. We had two girls get up and bear testimony that through us their prayers had been answered. It was so cool for me to finally understand that the lord is working miracles through us and we don't even know it. I started thinking about my mission as a whole and all the people I’ve talked to or come in contact with and realized that I’ve done a lot more good here in Cambodia than I could've ever imagined. Such a sweet experience.  Also, with transfers coming up I was really hoping to leave, but after the great Sunday we had I am super hoping to stay. I love Pochentong. The members have become some of my closest friends and I don't want to say goodbye to them. I can joke around with them and be spiritual. It’s the best!!! We have a ward activity this Saturday and I am way excited!!!! 

Sister Loftus
Double D 

Sister Loftus and Sister Luke in matching soccer jerseys

Pulling a "Chantrea" haha one of the young men in our ward. These are his only two poses. 

Ming Samay, my Cambodian mom, making hand made ties. She's the best.

Sela the cutest little girl. She shared sweet potatoes with me, even though I was fasting and she gave me a kiss on the cheek. She stole my heart!

Reaksa and Tola. We ate lunch at their house with them on Sunday. SO GOOD!!!!  

Everyone keeps commenting on my name tag... I am cit slab hauy (I am almost dead) as you can tell by my name tag... taking this bad boy off is going to kill me. 

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