Thursday, May 19, 2016

And so it begins...

Dear Family and Friends, 

This week was literally one of the longest of my life. I was thinking about what I was going to write in this weeks letter and Monday feels like an eternity away. I think it has a lot to do with the homesick blues that always set in after skyping the family. Another good contributor is the fact that we don't really have any good investigators and we are exhausting ever effort to try and find them with no results, but it was still good. We made each day good and we found things to laugh at. That is really the key to making this work fun and enjoyable when it gets hard. Laughter and loving the time you have with your companion. That being said... 

I have to say goodbye to Sister Leng. She is FINALLY leaving SMC. She has been here for 6, SIX, months. That is such a long time. Yes, last night we got transfer calls. She is going to Battambong. She actually called that. She is so excited. She was screaming on the phone, I’m sure it broke our district leaders eardrum haha, and she yelled "ruac phot" which means to be freed. I was dying. (: As sad as I am and as much as I don't want to say goodbye to here, I couldn't help but get the biggest smile on my face. She is going to tear it up in Battambong. As for me, I am staying in SMC. I will be getting another Khmer companion. Her name is Sister Sum. I don't know much about her, but I am excited to get to know her and work with her. Oh, also, another part of my transfer call... I am going to be a Sister Training Leader. Super cool. I feel very inadequate, but I know that it will be a super good experience and will help me learn so much. I am excited to work with the sisters and do whatever else the title of "Sister Training Leader" entails... I’m not really sure, but I feel honored and blessed that the Lord and President chose me.

As for the work in SMC, slow, like usual, but things are good. We tried to meet with Om Im, the one that is preparing to go to the temple, every day this week, no joke.  Every time we went she was busy and she seemed kind of annoyed as well. We felt pretty silly to keep going over there, but we just really really wanted to meet her. Then yesterday at church she gave us each a hug and apologized, so everything ended up being okay. (: We didn't have any Less Actives or Investigators at church yesterday, but when we met our Less actives during the week, they were all very happy and seemed to open up to me a little bit more. We were able to joke around with each and laugh and smile. They talked directly to me as well, which doesn't usually happen because it's just easier for them to talk to a Khmer. I get that, but boy was I so grateful that they opened up to me; it will make leading the area next transfer just a tad bit easier. I think I’m ready. Ready or not, here Sister Sum and I come. (: 

Here’s the best part of this email. Rainy Season. Last night it started raining at 10- raining, lightning and thunder: the perfect thing to fall asleep to. It rained pretty hard and pretty long. I just laid in bed thinking. Super relaxing. Eventually I fell asleep, but when I woke up it was raining again. So happy. I love it even though it kind of ruins the work. You can't contact and you feel really bad walking into people's houses soaking wet, but I just love the rain so much. Plus, it helps the heat be not so hot. 98 degrees and rainy is so much better than 108 degrees and scorching hot. I'd take the rain any day! 

After English class, while we were waiting for the Elders to take us home, I was sitting with my good friend Srey Roat and she just happened to be listening to Taylor swift. So I was taken back to the good old days of high school dances, freshman year of college, trips up the canyon, and rocking out to 22 with my best friend Han Jan. Man, it was a good trip down memory lane. I decided that I should be able to listen to t-swift. It would be good for my mental and emotional health. Maybe I’ll mention it to president. (: 

That is all I've got for this week. Love you all and hope you guys are doing well. Thank you for the love, support, and prayers. You guys rock!!! 

Sister Loftus
Double D 

Sister Loftus and Sister Leng
Biking in the rain. Man, I am going to miss her SO SO SO much 

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