Monday, October 24, 2016

Questionable Meat

Dear Family and Friends, 

First off, for all of you who are wondering, I am better. I am 100 percent better. I took some Cipro (a medicine to kill bacteria in your stomach) (they give it away like candy basically) and it took like 2 days to start working, but now I am healthy and ready to keep serving the lord!!! Oh, also, I lost 2 kilos (about 4 pounds) and 4 cc on my waist... haha but I am okay!!! (: I’m pretty sure I’ve gained it all back hauy hauy (already).  

This week went by way too fast. I have a feeling that all the coming weeks, what little time I have left, (let's not talk about it, okay??) are just going to keep going by faster and faster... I don't like it. Every night I just lay in bed and have a little panic attack... I don't want to go home. I don't know how to live in America anymore or be a normal person. I am a missionary. Leaving this country, which has been home for the past 14 months, may be the death of me.... 

Monday we had a way fun p-day as we traveled everywhere in the rain and went to the Royal Palace with Elder Seng and Elder Maurer. Before going to the Palace we went and got food. Elder Seng took care of me and got me some rice porridge, but at the very end he told them to "dak chiam" which means add blood... I was a little worried. When I got my food there was coagulated pigs blood and lots of other mystery meat... I felt bad not eating it,so I just ate a little here and there and then finally asked him what the "meat" was. Turns out it was lungs (not that bad) and intestines (which I did not eat...), but other than that it was pretty chngaan (tasty). 

The Royal Palace-I figured I had to go, even if I looked like a tourist. There was a little space in front with grass and there were just people everywhere just hanging out. OH, and birds. Hundreds and hundreds of doves and pigeons... I was DYING!!!! (note from Mom-Sister Loftus is terrified of birds) They had corn to feed them, so Elder Seng bought us some corn and I did not want to feed them because getting out the food meant that they swarmed us... but they thought it was fun, so I was just having a heart attack for a little bit. We made friends with the little ragamuffin kids that were selling the corns and they told us to get in the Palace was $2-$3. Sweet!!! But for Elder Seng it was only 25 cents. What??? So we went up and it was not $3.... I speak their language but I still had to pay $6.50 to get in. Are you kidding me? Sometimes I think this white skin is a curse... and the little kids lied to us... haha but it was okay. We saw some cool buildings, took some good pictures, and laughed a ton!!! Then on the way home we were following Elder Maurer, because we thought he knew where he was going, but he didn't... so we biked for a good 2 hours around Cambodia. It would have been nice, except for the fact I still wasn't 100% healthy... we were biking over bridges, the equivalent of freeway overpasses, two of them, and I thought I was going to die... but we made it home and instead of dying I just laid in the fetal position for 5 minutes to regain my energy. 
I'll be honest... I don't really remember much of what happened other than p-day... after so long everything just kind of blurs together... um, Tuesday it rained cats and dogs, that is the saying right?? It was like biking through a river. Super fun. (: but everyone gets way worried about us. they tell us not to fall in pipes... haha I just laugh at them and say okay and take off. (: It’s quite the adventure!!! Gotta love it. (: 

Wednesday we went to visit a member with a less active daughter, Ming Niat and Dane, remember them?? Well Dane wouldn't meet with us, so we met with Ming Niat and it was a way good lesson. She is the coolest and knows SO much. She fed us after the lesson; told us that she wanted us to experience traditional Khmer food. She brings out this bowl of soup and sets it down. It looks pretty harmless and quite tasty, but then I went to put it on my rice and saw the little shrimps and fish heads with their little beady eyes, just staring at me (both about the size of a dime). I tried to avoid eating them, but towards the end it was too hard because there were too many, so we (Sister Luke and me) started smashing them up... it was still pretty tasty, but just knowing that you were eating fish heads was a little nasty... but we were grateful for her kindness and willingness to feed us. (: 

Friday I went on an exchange with Sister Cook, don't hate me but I didn't take any pictures... so you guys won't know what she looks like, but it was SO fun. I got to go back and serve in Tuol Kork, my birth area, for a day and it was the best thing ever!!! We didn't meet any of the people that I was really close with, but the members still remembered me and were so impressed with my Khmer skills. Night and day when you compare me in training, not talking at all, to now talking all the time. I got lots and lots of comments. (: It felt good to realize how much I have progressed and changed on my mission. The lord works miracles!!! Also, the Lords work is progressing. Tuol Kork has had so much success. I loved seeing that!!! This church is true. (: 

Saturday we met with my most favorite people ever. Dohla and Zeekaa!!! I just love them so much. Dohla is the cutest thing ever and has such a strong desire to learn the truth. She just sits there and soaks it all in, even though she doesn't understand like at all, that's okay because her faith is strong enough and she has enough people to teach her when we aren't there.  One day it will all click. She read and prayed!!! Golden. (: I wanted to take a picture, but forgot. next week for sure. Then Zeekaa. She is still doing good. We taught her about faith and Alma 32. She answered all our questions perfectly and shared great insights. The Lord really did prepare her to become a member of this church. Still waiting to teach her family, but one day they will start learning!!! 

That's all I’ve got for this week. Hope all is going well in America!! I love you all so much!!! 

Sister Loftus 
Double D 

Outside the Royal Palace

Sister Loftus, Sister Luke, Elder Seng, and Elder Maurer

Pictures of the Royal Palace

The shades of Cambodia.  Guess which one I am? 

Kicking it in the rain-Sister Loftus and Sister Luke

Notice how deep the water is?

Sister Luke and Sister Loftus-not sure what is going on

Don't worry...if you look hard enough you can see angels protecting us!

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