Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Another Week in Cambodia!

Dear Family and Friends, 
Well, this week was WAY LONG and not a lot happened cause Pchum Bun... remember that holiday from last year? The 15 day long holiday where they celebrate the dead and go back to their sroks (hometowns) and go to the wat and drink beer and make missionary work for us basically impossible? Yep, it happened once again.
We started the week off way good by watching women's conference with all the sisters in the city and Sister Christensen and all the senior sisters. It was the best!!! Conference is already way good, but then you get like 16 missionaries in one room and the spirit is incredible. I loved it so so so much and it got me WAY pumped for conference. We get to watch it this week and I can't wait. Singing the last song, I Know That My Redeemer Lives, was really powerful and brought almost all of us to tears. It was a way cool experience. I was really touched by it because that is the message we are taking to the Khmers, that their savior lives and he loves them more than they can even comprehend, even if they have never heard about him before. AH, this church is the best!!!! And to make that way good opportunity even better, Sister Christensen had food for us: rice krispies, homemade cookies (which are to die for) chips and salsa, you know, a real good spread. So tasty. (: 
Tuesday was the beginning of everyone evacuation the city... so we didn't really have much work to do. I mean you typically don't have much work to do, but then the people who we normally meet leave the city and we've got nothing to do, so we took the time to have a bonding activity with our district. We had district meeting and then we cooked food together, perks of having a Khmer district leader... there was SO much food and it was chngan chngan. So delicious. Like mouth watering... and we just laughed and talked with each other. I really really love our district so much. And it was a good thing we did that because transfer calls came and both the Khmers, Elder Seng and Elder Ouk, who are my new favorite people in the world, literally best friends. I am convinced we were best friends in the preexistence, are leaving... I am so bummed!!! But Sister Luke and I are da dael (the same) so I was really really happy about that. (: But we (Sister Luke and I) made a cake for district meeting. Better than anything cake Khmer style, which is just a chocolate cake with sweetened condensed milk poured over the top cause that's all we can find here without spending a fortune. But it's still so so so good and the Khmers LOVED it, so that was good. It was a great day. (: 
Wednesday was a pretty normal day. We actually had 3 lessons, which was crazy!!! We had a really good lesson with one of our members whose daughter is less active. We’ve been working a lot with them lately, Ming Niat and Danee. We taught her about Mosiah 27: 8-14 which is perfect for her situation!!!! And she thanked us multiple times and said that it was exactly what she needed. I love them both so much. Danee was actually sad when we came and asked to meet with her mom instead of her. That’s always a good sign, right?? (: 
Friday we cleaned our house. Like deep deep cleaned it. I was way sweaty by the end and had to clean up some way nasty crap... not even sure what it was, but I think there were worms growing in it... maybe that's what's been making Sister Luke and me so sick lately... haha but now it's all gone, so we'll get healthy. It took us a good 5 1/2 hours though... because our house is four floors and there are only two of us.... but we bonded and I was WAY grateful that Sister Luke is as cool as she is because if I didn't like her I think I would have died... but we are best friends and we just sung and the top of our lungs and laughed about all the crazy things we had to clean. Good times for sure. (: After cleaning we went to the South Stake Center to watch Ephraim’s Rescue. I’m not going to say a ton about it, only that it WAS SO GOOD!!!! All of you should watch it. I’m not sure if it's really that good or if I just loved it so much because I’m a missionary. (; But you guys should still watch it because the stories in there are incredible!!!! I was way pumped to go out and do missionary work, but then NO ONE was home, so we sat inside for the next three days and just looked at records and organized and tried to contact with very little success. But now everyone is coming home and things will start picking up again.(: 
Zeekaa is still doing really really well. We didn't meet with her this past week. She didn't answer her phone, but she came to church and is still so good!!! Her baptism got moved to the 15th because of conference next week, but we are still way excited!!!! 
Sister Loftus
Double D 
P.S. just a little disclaimer... I have hit the point on my mission where all my English just goes out the window, so if this doesn't seem like a very well written email, I am sorry... (: 

Our spread of food at District Meeting

Best crew ever

Cute picture with Sister Luke and Sister Loftus

Our "supposed to be cute" praying pic that all sister missionaries take, but it didn't work... haha

Rocking the cleaning mask

Elder Maurer downing the crazy burger at Mikes Burgers which is the equivalent of In n Out. SO GOOD!!!! The burger he ate had like 12 patties, fried eggs, it was HUGE... I watched him eat it all for 30 minutes and just thought "Man, I want to see Hayden try and eat this. He could totally do it." 

Donuts because this week we ate 5 each in just 2 days. (: don't worry i'm not getting fat. ahaha 

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