Monday, October 10, 2016

Obviously I loved Conference

Dear Family and Friends,

So it is currently 6 o'clock at night. Yes, koh cbab (against the rules) but we had a crazy day. We went with our zone leaders at 8am this morning to help an Om move houses... it was only supposed to take an hour and then we could have a normal p-day. Like everything else in Cambodia, it didn't go as planned and we didn't leave until 1... but it was okay because I love our zone leaders, Elder Maurer and Elder Seng; laughing with them for 5 hours was good. Needless to say we had to do a little adjusting to get everything done that we needed to... the zone leaders gave us permission to email right now, so I guess it's not that against the rules. But moving houses is way hard work especially with all the stuff that she had. She lives alone but had SO MUCH STUFF. Therefor I am way way way tired right now and don't really have the energy to type a good email. SORRY!!!!! 

P-day we went bowling-not much to say about that except it was a bad idea. It made me so so so trunky. Complete throwback to thunder alley and Bountiful Bowl with the crew... it was bad.... but so much fun. You guys have never experienced true happiness until you have seen a Khmer bowl. Oh my goodness. The best thing ever!!!! 

We finally met with a less active. I thought she hated us and was ignoring us. We kept trying to meet her and her daughter kept telling us that she wasn't home... I didn't believe her, but really wanted to let her know that we cared, so we kept going. Righteous persistence is always rewarded with blessings. We met her and had a way good lesson with her. 

Conference. I don't even know what to say. My subject is pretty clear. I loved it. Like I always do, but I am way sad that that was my last one as a missionary because conference as a missionary is the best thing ever!!!! I really really liked all the talks about Joy and how that is the purpose of this gospel. That’s exactly what I’m trying to do here in Cambodia. Bring them all joy; even if they don't want to accept it, I will keep trying. Also, worshiping. That’s something we can all work on. None of our Sundays are perfectly spent thinking about the savior. Make it better to become holier. Also, I love that conference is so individual. I’m not even going to bother telling you guys everything I learned because, if you watched, and I hope you all did, you should have received some personal revelation of your own. So now what??? Act on it!!!! Make goals and commitments to yourself. Watch your life start changing. Allow the savior to make you something amazing. Something we cannot become on our own. Ah, I love this gospel so much and my savior, Jesus Christ. We are a part of something so cool. Every time one of the big hitters got up I would just look at my comp and say man, I love them. They are so amazing. And she would just laugh at me. She even called me a nerd once. I just really really love this gospel and conference. (: 

In between conference sessions on Sunday we ate as a zone and it was way good. grilled cheeses and fajitas. haha weird mix, but oh, so good. We made over 20 grilled cheeses and lots and lots of tortillas. Good times, good times. (: 

That's all I’ve got. Just know that I love you all and I’m still kicking here in Cambodia; loving and making the most out of every day. LOVE YOU!!!! OH!!!! Almost forgot. BAPTISM next week. Zeekaa is still shining bright. GET EXCITED!!!!!! 

Sister Loftus
Double D

Bowling, Khmer style

Selfie. Yes, he is sitting on my lap

Conference, Missionary Style!

She is a member that served in England and she wanted to watch conference in English, so we were just in a trio for a day. She really wants to be a missionary again.  


Cambodian kids

More cute kids

Hanging with the Elders. Very low ceilings!

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