Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Farewell SMC, Hello Koon!

Dear Family and Friends,

Well, I’ve got some BIG news. I am currently pregnant with TWINS. Twins that are going to come two weeks apart... haha now that you guys are all way confused let me explain. So transfer calls were last night and I got the call that I am going to be training a brand new missionary. Cool, no? I’m all grown up, even though I still feel like I am in training. (: They had to make some adjustments in the dates of missionaries coming because of a change in the MTC, so my new koon (new missionary, means kid in Khmer) doesn't come for 2 more weeks, so in order to feel the empty spaces from the missionaries that die (go home) this week until the new ones come in two weeks, we are having mini missionaries. Young men and Young women from the local wards who want to serve, but haven't saved up enough money yet, just to help them get a taste of this amazing work. So I'll get a Khmer and train her for two weeks and then in two weeks I’ll get another koon, the Khmer will go home, and I’ll start training an AMERICAN!!!! Oh, and to make this even more challenging for me, I’ll be white washing. That’s what's up. I'm leaving SMC and going to Pochentong; back to north stake-same stake I was born in, but different ward and area. The Lord has a lot of trust in me. (: I'm SO excited, but also kind of peeing my pants I’m so nervous. hahaha 

That being said, the whole white wash situation is happening in a ton of areas and SMC 2 is one of them.... I’m way bummed because when that happens, typically investigators are lost... and our investigators are just starting to progress. We even had one at church. She is so good!!!! Bong Daa. Remember her? I’m just calling it right now. She will get baptized. She already has a great support system in the church. She just needs to read the Book of Mormon and get some more faith. 

This past week Sister Soem and I taught a kick butt zone training on chapter 10 in PMG (Preach My Gospel). So good. The whole zone training was on PMG and I LOVED it. We are so blessed to have it as a resource to aid us in this work. It truly is inspiration. I encourage everyone to read it. Those wanting to serve and just all you member missionaries, it helps us become better missionaries, but even more, it helps us become the disciples and people the Lord wants us to become. We were supposed to teach for 30 minutes, but ended up teaching for an hour. It was so good. You know it's good when you learn something new even when you're the teacher and that's exactly what happened for me. I know I’m not perfect at chapter 10, but it was such a good experience to be able to evaluate myself and find out what I can do better to become a master teacher like the Master himself, Jesus Christ. 

I'm way bummed to be leaving SMC. I've become way good friends with the youth and I can't imagine saying goodbye to them.... it honestly breaks my heart. I know the past three transfers haven't been the easiest, but I have learned so much from this area and am going to miss the people so so much, but I know that the Lord has something good in store for me in Pochentong. (: 

Sorry this email was all over the place, but next week will be a good email. Get pumped!!!

Sister Loftus
Double D

Scriptural Insight 
3 Nephi 7: 16,18, and 21- Nephi is such an incredible example. He taught so powerfully. 
Also, if you want a REALLY good read that helps you feel the Lords love for you read 3 Nephi 11 and 17. I love them. 

Service for a less active. This is her house. There are clothes everywhere.... 

Crickets… did I eat them? No. I couldn't get myself to. They were way too big... 
Sorry I don't have better pictures.... 

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