Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy 4th of July!

Dear Family and Friends,

Alright. This email is going to be way short 1. Because I don't have much to say and 2. My keyboard is way koic(broken). I don't have the patience to write a lot. haha

Tuesday was had a great last district meeting. We talked about repentance. We read “Miracle of a Mission by Elder Holland. So life changing and then read in Alma 29, my new favorite chapter. Go read both. So good. We had a great lesson with a recent convert, Zion (zeeyawn). We laughed probably too much, but that's okay.(: She has really improved and progressed so much. I love her!!!! We had another lesson with our crazy Neakming. Did i tell you guys about her last week?  The really Buddhist one? If not I’ll give you the quick story about her. She exercises at the church and we contacted her. She doesn't really want to learn though. Just share tuo vin tuo mook (back and forth).it's super hard. Whenever we share our testimony she just laughs at us... super difficult. But it's okay. Wish I could explain it all to her better. Maybe next week when I’ve got a better keyboard. She is one interesting character though. She kind of really scares me....haha pray for me.(: we are practicing a play for pioneer day and it is hilarious. kind of false doctrine, but they do it every year.... I just crack up watching it. Wish you guys could all see it. 

Wednesday-transfer day, not much to talk about.

Thursday I spent a way long time at the doctor because I thought I had a parasite, but I just have a bacterial infection. Don’t worry; I’m on meds and on the mend. (: 

Saturday we went to our way far area Preah Saw, like an hour away. We went with the Elders. As we were teaching our last lesson, I watched a huge storm roll in and then it just started pouring; quite the adventure biking back in a hurricane. But, such a good time. (: i loved it!!!!

Sunday our crazy investigator came to church. We learned about fasting in Sunday school. The second counselor and the old bishop team taught and good thing because she had question after question. And they had answer after answer. It was the coolest thing to watch them answer her questions and basically shut her down. I know that's not what missionary work is about, but just watching them bear such powerful testimony by the spirit that she couldn't brachang (fight against) them any more. After the lesson they said, Sister you've got a good one on your hands.... haha I just laughed.... it will be interesting to see how things with her progress. Pray for me.(: 

Update: we didn't get to meet our golden (okay maybe she's silver (: ) investigator this week. Fingers crossed on next week!!!! 

That’s all I’ve got. Love you all and happy fourth of July. Celebrate extra hard for me~!!! I love the fourth. #merica


Sister Loftus
Double D

Best District Every!!!!!

Saying good-bye to Sister Gallahad, have fun in  KPC

Sister Loftus and Sister Soem







Sister Loftus and Sister Soem riding in the rain.
Thank you to Elder Monson for a waterproof camera. 

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