Sunday, July 24, 2016

Countless Blessings Await!

Dear Family and Friends,

By the subject of this email you probably think that something exciting happened this week. Don’t get your hopes up. (; It’s still the same old same old here in SMC, BUT I have taken on a new perspective. Instead of wallowing in my misery and thinking "why me?" "Why can't we have investigators?" I’ve decided to learn from the experiences that Heavenly Father has given, that is, what he wants us to do in this life after all right? So hears to a new outlook on life. (: I KNOW the blessings will come, even if it's not during my time as a full time missionary. I will see them eventually.  

This week I learned to love the Book of Mormon more.  I learned for myself, again, that it is true and that it is the work of God.  We went to teach a recent convert and when we got there, right off the bat, she asked us, “Sisters, is the Book of Mormon really true, did it really happen?” We were then able to bear powerful testimony of the truthfulness of it.  Such a cool experience.  That is we read it and apply it in our lives it WILL change our lives and bring happiness to us.  What a great blessing!!!

I was also reminded of the power of revelation.  We went and visited a less active and she just bashed on the bishop the whole time.  I stopped her and bore powerful testimony that our church is run by revelation, every little detail, callings included.  I am so grateful for all the leaders of the church and for my testimony that I know they have been called of God.  They aren’t perfect, but no one is, so as we support them we will learn together as we do the Lord’s work.

I had an interesting thought this past week.  I think we get in a swing and groove and get comfortable, thinking that we are doing so good, but really we aren’t doing as well as we could.  Every so often we should ask ourselves, am I being as obedient as Heavenly Father expects me to be?  I know I can do better. 

I’ll get better at making these emails more inspiring for you guys back home, but for now that’s all I’ve for you.  Love you all so so so much.  Hey, Happy Pioneer Day!  Be grateful for all who have sacrificed to let you have the life you live.  We truly are so blesses.

Love, Sister Loftus
Double D

This was at one of the phsaas. So funny the translation is "please feed me garbage". Who knew Khmers had that good of a sense of humor. 

New favorite little boy, Lihang


I am a giant!

Hour bike ride to pray with Srey Roat.  She is my favorite member in SMC and will make the best missionary when she leaves in one year. So much fun.

Fun with District!

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