Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Dear Family and Friends,

Well, my birthday ended up being super great. Unforgettable! We went to Burger King and then Krispy Kreme. Man, it was so delicious. And all the Cambodian workers sang me happy birthday. And I got to wear a hat. And I got to eat as much as I wanted and no one could judge me. And then I got to go to an FHE and they sang to me again. Just let me tell you that happy birthday sung my Khmers is the best thing ever. 

This week was full of visiting less actives and biking all the way to China and back. Not really, but our area is HUGE. We have an area that is an hour away. Do we ever go there? Nope. We let the elders. (: But we had a way good district meeting on finding people and contacting by the spirit. It was so good! I really want to get better at doing that, to be able to find the ones that the Lord has prepared for Sister Soem and me here. I know they are out there, now we just have to find them. Wednesday and Sunday we got to go visit a Khmer Sister that had to go home for a second because she has typhoid fever. Did you know that it's contagious? Good thing I got my vaccinations. (: She is the cutest thing ever and has the strongest testimony ever. She is amazing!! I learned so much from her from the short time we were together. Wednesday we met a recent convert. She is progressing really well. At first she didn't understand anything, like when she got baptized, but now it is finally starting to click. Super cool. Friday I went on my first exchange as STL (Sister Training Leader). I didn't really know what I was doing, but I would call it a success. We had some good lessons and just had a good time together. She got hit by a moto and some really smelly juice spilt in her bag, but that wasn't my fault... so I feel like I am still a good STL. (: Her name is Sister Clark and we are way similar. Super quiet. We were able to just talk and help each other so much. She is incredible... unfortunately I didn't take any pictures though.... sorry!!! but she lives with me so I’ll get one of her and send it next week!!! Saturday we got a new investigator. She used to be an investigator, but she was dropped and two weeks ago she just walked into the church and told us she wanted to learn again. She is so good and remembers so much. Her name is Srey Leak. I hope that she starts progressing. She said she wants to get baptized, so we will do our best to help her. (: Fast Sunday was good as always. Not much happened except that one of our less actives, that has been less active for years, came AND she gave us a referral. Hopefully that means she will start coming consistently!!!! 

Sorry, I wish I had more time but I talked to my family a little too long today... oops. Next week’s email will be more organized and more informative. (: Love you all so so so much!!! Have an amazing week and remember, I know this church is true and that our Savior, Jesus Christ, loves us all so much. Don't ever forget that the atonement is there to help us EVERYDAY with whatever we are struggling with. Use it, feel His love, and see miracles in your life. Read the Book of Mormon and prayer. It will change your life. I promise. (: 

Sister Loftus 
Double D

Happy Birthday to me!

Krispy Kreme Birthday Celebration

FHE Birthday Celebration

I love these girls so much

Baby duck egg... don't worry I didn't eat it. Couldn't get myself to eat something that developed....

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