Monday, June 20, 2016

Happy Father's Day

 Dear Family and Friends,

Alright, I feel way bad because you guys always get the short end of the deal on p-days. My emails are never good, but I’m gonna be honest, I’ve hit that point on my mission that thinking about emailing home just stresses me out and I really just want to be out proselyting. Is p-day even really that necessary?? (: So I’ll give you a quick rundown of my week, with not very many details... sorry!!

Tuesday we had district meeting and we talked about temples, so of course to start it off we talked about baby names... haha I guess that's just the natural thing to do with 8 missionaries. I was dying. It was really interesting to hear all the names everyone liked though, especially the Khmers. I want to name my child something Khmer, but everyone would butcher the pronunciation... haha do I really want to do that to my child?? But then after that we had a great talk and discussion on the temple and how we can help our member’s progress to that. It was really so good. Elder Beckstead, our district leader, does a killer job. (: 

Wednesday we went and visited a less active and her grandson pooped his pant. He was standing in front of me and I was just talking with him, making him laugh, you know really putting the charm on him, and then he got that look on his face, you know the poopy face, and then it just fell out of his pants. It was the most disgusting thing ever. And then it happened again at a member’s house. The little boy got the same look and everything. And how do they get it up you might ask? They pick it up with a plastic bag and then put some water down and then wipe it with a towel... so gross. It’s a miracle that I haven't gotten way sick yet, right? Also, you'd think they make their kids start wearing diapers or something... but nope. They haven't caught on to that yet... then at English class we were talking about clothes and to describe the color tan they said, "milk color". I about died. The things they say, they kill me. haha 

Friday I went on an exchange with Sister Xiong, my old companion. It was the best thing ever. I missed her so so so much. She only has 3 months left. So crazy. Time is flying. She is an incredible missionary though. She loves the people so much and does a great job teaching people not lessons. Even though I was the STL, I learned so much from her. 

Saturday I had a spelling test from Sister Soem. Yes, spelling in Khmer. Talk about a test. It was way hard, but I actually did a pretty good job. I was proud of myself. This language is starting to click in my head. I’ve even started dreaming in Khmer. (: 

Sorry this email had literally nothing to do about missionary work in it... haha. Also, Happy Father's day to all you father's out there. You make the world go round. Keep doing what you do. Huge shout out to my father who is the best one out there. He has the strongest testimony of the Savior Jesus Christ and he loves the temple so much. i've learned so much from his example. Thank you dad!!!! Love you!

Sister Loftus
Double D

Cambodia is Beautiful!

Super Khmer

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