Tuesday, April 5, 2016

I got a boyfriend, lice, and transfer calls!!!

Dear Family and Friends,

Well, let me start this email off with a quote from Sister Nhem. "I can't wait to go home, eat cereal, study, and go to bed. That’s our job. What we do every day." she could not be more right. We wake up, study, go proselyte, sweat our butts off, eat lunch, teach and sweat some more, come home, eat, study some more, sleep, and do it all over again. That is the life of a missionary. Sometimes it's full of success and other times there is literally no success (or success that you can see, immediate results). That’s where we are right now is KPC. No one really seems to be accepting our message and it seems like all of our efforts are not worth it. But i have faith that one day KPC will explode and everyone will accept this glorious gospel. With that little preface, this email will not have much about the missionary work here in KPC, just some entertaining stories to make you guys laugh. 

Wednesday we had English class. So our English class leader, Elder Child, likes to make things interesting so we issue challenges each week. It was my turn to issue a challenge. I wanted it to be good, so I talked to Hayden and he explained that on his mission that had done something similar in tracting situations to keep things interesting. One of the challenges that they had was they had to occasionally meow like a cat in their conversations without laughing. I thought it was perfect so I gave the challenge to Elder Child. He did a fantastic job. He used it like a normal word. He put it into phrases as well, like "it's so meowing hot" and he would literally yell it at the top of his lungs. I was dying, but somehow he managed to keep a straight face. He went up and beyond (is that the saying?? sometimes my English is really bad and I can't remember anything...) the challenge. He convinced a member, a 17-year-old member who is slightly obnoxious, named Sayhaa, that meow was slang for cool, so Sayhaa just kept calling people meow or saying that something was meow. It was the funniest thing ever. 

Friday my bike tire was completely flat. There was a hole in it, so we had to find a place to fix it. We only knew of one place that could fix it, so we went. The only problem is that the guy that owns it is a crazy homeless look pu. We asked him if he could fix it and at first he said no. He said he was too busy, but Sister Nhem convinced him to fix it.  So he walked over to get his tools and stopped right by me. He grabbed my arm, stroked my hair, kissed my arm, smelled it and then told me I smelled delicious... haha not really, he told me I smelled good, but the direct translation from Khmer to English is delicious. It just makes the story better, right? He proceeded to work on my bike. I decided that it was best if I pretended not to know any Khmer... which was way hard because responses like yes and thank you have become so natural in Khmer. He called me a srei sa'at which means that I’m beautiful and all this other stuff... he told me he lobed me (the way Khmers say love) haha and that I loved him too I just didn't know it yet. He would only work on my bike if I was the one to hand him his tools.... I was a little hesitant at first, but Sister Nhem told me he was harmless and that I should do it, so I was basically his slave for 15 minutes and it was the worst feeling ever, but finally he was done. He tried to shake my hand, but I jumped on my bike to make a quick get a way, but my kickstand was still down, so it just drugged on the ground and I didn't really go anywhere... I was way scared he was going to hug me or something. Eventually I got away, Safe and sound. In the moment I was really scared and freaking out, but now it just makes for a good story. 

Friday night I had my first encounter with a baby duck egg. I was feeling very courageous and adventurous, but when I opened it and tasted it, I decided I couldn't do it, so I gave it to Sister Om. She opened it up a little bit more and after looking at it for a good 30 seconds said "I can't eat that. It’s too big (meaning it was too developed)." I was really grateful that I decided not to eat it, because I don't know the difference between small ones and big ones. Maybe one day I’ll work up the courage to eat a full one, but as for now, I’ve only tasted one. It wasn't that good, but it wasn't that bad either.. haha 

Lice... so I don't actually have lice, well, not yet at least, but it wouldn't surprise me if I got it.  So yesterday, Sunday, we were visiting a less active and when we got there she was looking at her daughters head picking stuff out of it, kind of like monkeys do, you know? Well come to find out her daughter had lice and she was picking them out and killing them. I quickly jogged my memory to see if the girl had every worn my helmet. She hadn't. I was safe. But then for some reason they thought that I didn't know what lice was, so the mom got one and put it on a piece of paper so I could look at it. They told me that I should eat it, just kidding around.  I told her that I was scared of it, which was partially true, partially me kidding around, but then the little girl dumped the paper on my head. Yes, that's right! The lice went on my head or fell onto the ground. We don't really know which one actually happened.  Then to make matters worse the little girl wore my helmet... I thought about not wearing my helmet, but that is against the rules to I put my trust in the lord that if I was exactly obedient he would bless me and I wouldn't get lice, so fingers crossed!!!! 

Transfer calls!!! I am getting transferred AGAIN!!! I just can't stay in the same place for more than one transfer.... haha. I am going to Stueng Menchey, yes, the famous trash mountain, look it up, people, with Sister Leng. She is a Khmer that is in my group. I know her a little bit and I love her to death. I'm way excited!!!! More to come on that next week!!!

Love you all so much. Hopefully you enjoyed conference and felt the spirit!!! I'll give you my thoughts next week after I watch it!!! 

Sister Loftus
Double D 

My new crazy look pu boyfriend.  Shirtless wonder, no? ha ha ha ha 

Baby duck egg

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