Monday, March 28, 2016


Dear Family and Friends,

So two things real quick. Last week I didn't have a chance to send an email because we had to go to the city for a doctor’s appointment for my companion, but I am safe and doing good. No worries!!! Also, I was just emailing and a COCKROACH fell on me... I almost screamed super loud, but someone managed to just let out a little squeal and then flick it off of me and get my composure back. As all of this was going on Sister Nhem, my companion was cracking up. Apparently on the outside I was not as composed. My face was pretty terrified. So there's something to brighten all of your day. Just think of me getting attacked by a cockroach and freaking out. hahaha 

I'll give you guys a quick rundown of the investigators that we have here in KC. First, Jariyaa- the one that is having a hard time understanding everything, we've been working with for literally this whole transfer. She is progressing slowly, very slowly, but progressing nonetheless. This past Thursday she said her first prayer!!! Usually she forgets "in the name of Jesus Christ, amen” but this time she got it!!! Sister Nhem and me freaked out and Jariyaa was super proud of herself. She comes to church every Sunday and is really starting to understand things. She’s paid tithing and fasted already. She shares the gospel with everyone she comes in contact with which just means that she says that their family can have happiness if they learn about the gospel, which is really the only thing she remembers from lesson one, but really what else do you need?? (: 
Srey Nic- she has learned all of the lessons and understands them all. This past week we went over the baptismal interview questions with her, in hopes that she would start coming to church and could get baptized, but she didn't come... that's the only problem. She has a testimony and knows it's true, but just doesn't exercise her faith... her answers to the baptismal questions blew me away. She understands everything so well. I am praying she starts to understand the importance of church. 
Ming Ravy and her son- this is the referral from a member. She’s good and loves when we come and teach her, but she doesn't really understand everything yet. We are working with her. She doesn't understand that prayer isn't a memorized thing that we repeat over and over and she doesn't understand not worshiping ancestors, but we will get there one day. She is super funny. Her son is kind of a pain in the butt, but I’ve been praying for a family, so they just might be the answer to my pray. 
Srey Noy- this is the lady we found at the hospital, the one that her husband beats her. Maybe I didn't tell you about that... I’m pretty sure i did. But yeah, she was asleep and kept her book of Mormon on her pillow and her husband got home, saw it, and started beating her... she moved from the hospital, so we are still trying to find her, but she's got potential. 
Naran-we found her on the side of the road. She is 16 and married. Not progressing at all, because she compares everything we give her, the book of Mormon, the baptismal invitation, etc, to the Korean church, but we are still trying to have hope and faith that she'll start progressing. haha 
Maliga- we haven't met her in a really long time.... 

So you remember like two weeks ago when we picked up trash for service? Well, the mayor, or the equivalent to that, here saw us and ended up inviting all the schools in KC to join in and help clean up trash too, so last Wednesday the 16th we joined with basically all the youth in KC and picked up trash. Super cool to see the impact that our little "Christian group" made. (: super super cool. 

Friday, the 18th, (Happy Birthday, Sauce) we were teaching Jariyaa at the hospital and I was just kind of sitting there and this look pu joined our lesson. He had learned with a different Christian church before, so we were trying to contact him, but he didn't really want anything to do with us... but after about 15 minutes he asked me if I knew how to speak Khmer, I said yes, he asked why I wasn't speaking, and I said that I didn't really like speaking. He proceeded to chew me out and told me that I was a representative for the lord and that I needed to give 100% if I didn't talk I was only giving 50%. At first I was kind of angry, but as I thought about it, he is so true. It took a jerk of a look pu for me to realize it, but I’m working on it. 

Monday we went to the city and I realized just how much I miss the city. Feels like home. We went and ate with a bunch of sisters at a Khmer buffet. Only $2.50 and it was delicious. Like so good. 

Wednesday at English class we had an Easter egg hunt and it was the funniest thing ever. The kids and adults ate it up. They absolutely loved it. We were also able to testify of the Savior and testify that he lives. So powerful. 

Thursday we went back to the city... lots of traveling for us the past week, so not much work was done in our area, but on the bus ride there there were only 5 people. The bus driver was this 25 year old bong and he was just rocking out to Khmer pop music the whole time. I quite enjoyed myself. haha Each song had music videos with it, I got sucked in hard core to them. I was watching them with my mouth open and everything. I laughed at all the horrible special effects and the corny jokes and relationships. It was the best. We got to the city and I was able to go on an exchange with a sister in training. Her name is Sister Gallahad and she is awesome. We were able to do language study together and it made me realize just how much progression I’ve had in this language. It was the perfect tender mercy.

Then Friday I was able to exchange with Sister Sheffield. She is amazing!!! She’s so funny. We went and met with two of her recent converts, bong bow and bong sreng. They are so amazing!!! Bong bow has been a member for just a few weeks and already studies better than I do. She really really impressed me. Then we met with the sweetest old om, Om Dani. Oh goodness; the sweetest ever. I love her.

Saturday morning we went to an Easter party that started at 5:30 in the morning. Very khmer, but it was still so fun. Sister Nhem and me were able to road trip back to KC with the Christensen's and it was the funniest 2 1/2 hours of my life. I love them so much. They are incredible. Such a team. I love them.  (they are the Mission President and his wife)

Sunday we got up and cut up a bunch of fruit for a fruit salad and made two different chaas. We went to church and then had Easter lunch with the Christensen's. It was so good, but American food makes me kind of sick and i just get so full so fast. I hate it. haha 

Since yesterday was Easter I just want you guys all to know that I know that my Savior, our Savior, lives. He performed the atonement for all of us and then three days later he lived again. That is literally the most glorious news ever. Because of him we can all live again and receive grace everyday of our lives. He loves us all so much. "I know that my Redeemer lives" every day of my mission that hymn takes on more and more meaning. I wouldn't trade the experiences I am having for anything. #hallelujah 

Since conference is coming up this weekend, I challenge all of you guys to prayerfully choose a question that you have and let the Lord answer it through the words of his prophets and apostles.  

I love you all so much. Thank you for the prayers. Hope you all had an amazing Easter. LOVE YOU!!!

Sister Loftus
Double D

Just a day in a Sister Missionary's life

Sister Loftus and a member, did not give her name

Avocado smoothies on Easter!

Easter lunch

 A less active member's daughter drew this for me, pretty good right?

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