Monday, September 19, 2016

Living the Life

Dear Family and Friends, 
This week was pretty normal, but yet so good at the same time. I always feel like so much happens and then it is down at the computer and pleec ah lieng mong (and I forget everything). It’s kind of the worst, but I'll do my best to do this week justice. 
Tuesday was a pretty interesting day... we woke up and we planned to have district meeting, just like any other Tuesday. When we went downstairs my bike was broken so we left a little early to get it fixed.  We were waiting for them to bang it out with a hammer, cause that's how they "fix" things here and we got a text from both companionships of elders in our district (we are the only sisters) saying that they had bike problems and someone was coming to look at their house so they would both be late. Perfect. So we just took our time at the bike place. I gotta hand it to the Khmer’s, they do a pretty good job fixing things with hammers. If I tried to do what they do, I would make it 100X worse... haha it kind of blows my mind. Then we went to the church and neither of the Elders were there, so we just did some training while we waited. Eventually the Khmer companionship of elders, our district leader, got there. This was at about 11 and typically district meeting is over at 11:30. We called the other elders and the guy was still at their house so they weren't coming.  We just decided to do it without them... haha talk about awkward. Just me, Sister Luke, Elder Seng, and Elder Ouk, rocking it in the high council room together. It was way funny cause the first thing Elder Seng said was “sorry but I’m going to speak and teach in Khmer because I don't have the gift of tongues like you guys..." I was dying. Typically he is very professional when he teaches, but today he just joked around with us. I was laughing so hard. He turned his questions into a game show. We were just laughing all together. It was the best and we learned a ton and felt the spirit. It was so good. And now me, Sister Luke, Elder Seng, and Elder Ouk are best friends. 
This week we had an interesting lesson with our less active Yiay. She is the picture from a few weeks ago, my Cambodian grandma. She is the cutest and has a ton of faith, but just quite doesn't understand everything. So lately we have been giving her chapters to read in the Book of Mormon and she reads them like once every day so like 7 times before we meet her again so that she can understand it all. And then we go and she just teaches us and I love it. She learns so much and understands it all. But then after this way good lesson she says "oh sisters. I have a num (treat) for you", because she always gives us something.... she says "last night they were signing to their ancestors and I know that's against the rules for us, so I signed to Jehovah. I have two extra nums and I want to give them to you two. Typically we eat with her there, but these nums she boxed up. What was she expecting us to do??? Go home and burn incense to Jesus?? haha we kindly explained to her we don't do that, but we did go home and eat the nums and they were quite delicious. (: They tasted like 7 layer bars. so good!!!! haha 

Thursday we had a good lesson with my favorite family... but I’m way bummed because they told us that they are moving... kind of far away and won't be in our ward anymore... we just can't catch a break out here... man.... but we had a good last lesson with them and taught the husband how to tie a tie. And…loved on their cute little baby boy. He is the cutest ever. I love him. So blessed to get to know all these amazing people!!!! Tender mercies. We went home and worked on CBR's for 3 hours... with not much success. But that is okay. (: 

Update on Investigators - Srey Moam is still in the same spot as she was, still not coming to church but I still have so much hope and faith in her, so we will keep teaching her. She really wants a new job and we taught her fasting, so hopefully she applies it and starts to see some miracles happen according to her faith. As for Zeekaa, she blew me away this past week. She is getting interviewed for baptism this week and so we prepped her a little for it. Just asked her the questions they will ask her and she passed with flying colors!!!! She knew EVERYTHING. Her answers were so good. I honestly can't wait for her to get baptized!!!! she also got to attend a baptism of the elders and that helped her get even more excited!!!!! 2 more weeks. YES!!!! The Lord is looking out for us here in Pochentong. We might not have a ton of work, but we've got a good investigator. I love her. (: 

Yesterday we found a less active recent convert. She is so so so good. She works every day except Sundays from 7 in the morning until 8 at night... she has a little 10 month old baby... she doesn't have anything to ride to church, but she is so good. We walked up to her house and the door was open, like usual and both her and her husband (not a member) yelled sister!!! and then they turned the TV off and started learning with us. I am in love with her little baby girl, Srey Nic, she is the cutest and she's not scared at all. She was smiling and laughing!!! I loved it!!! She has crazy faith. She is from Kampungcam and when she learned with the sisters there she was like 6 months pregnant and walked an hour there and back for church. I am way excited to start meeting her on a weekly basis and seeing if we can help her find a way to come to church. 

That's all I’ve got for this week. Sorry it was kind of short. I was in the middle of my email, on a roll, and then the power went out, so then I lost all my thoughts that I wanted to share.... sorry!!! Just a quick note. I get to go to Siem Reap tomorrow because I’m cit slap hauy (close to dying, except not really. I still have loads of time (: ) so get ready for the best pictures next week!!!! Love you all! Thank you so much for the love, support, and prayers. You are the best!!!! 

Sister Loftus
Double D

 Tying some ties... don't mind the dad with his shirt off... it's normal. haha

Cutest baby ever!!!!

CBR work...they were everywhere

How are we supposed to find a lost sheep based off of that picture? Are you kidding me??? 

Buddhist nums

Pretty tasty!

A birthday party for a five year old.

He has had a better life than I have.

So much food and partying going on.

At one point I had two ice creams cones in my hand.

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