Monday, January 4, 2016


Dear Family and Friends,

I wish I had a lot to talk about in this email because I know how redundant all these missionary emails can get, but sadly I don't... the work is currently moving very very slowly in Tuol Kork. 

We have 5 investigators (Sonan, Bong Vi, Ming Saruen, and Srey Ny, Ming Li Nit) with only Sonan progressing. We are trying our best. Sonan has been a work in progress and I love her so much. She will be the best member ever, it's just a matter of actually being able to meet her and teach her the lessons. She's solid. Bong Vi is a little iffy. We've been to her house multiple times, but each time she has an excuse not to meet with us. Her mom also doesn't want her to meet with us, which makes it way hard... Ming Sauren and Srey Ny (mom and daughter), we've met them twice and this past time I found out that ming Saruen has a job women are not proud of... pretty interesting.  Doesn't make sense to me, but she has to get money somehow. I'm not 100% sure that's what's going on. I didn't know the word sister Soeun used, but when she explained it to me, that was what I got out of it, so we'll see where things go with her. I'll talk to president because if she doesn't do what she does she literally has no money. Welcome to Cambodia haha. Ming Li nit is our newest investigator. We found her on Wednesday. We moved houses and she works at our new apartment building. She really has a strong desire to learn. She used to learn with the elders in a khite (out in the country), but then had to move to Phnom Penh for work, so she already knows a little. I'm really excited to see her progress. (: 

Tuesday was probably the best day of the week. We went to District Meeting and were able to watch the Christmas Devotional. Man, it was so so so good. I know that this is all way old news for you guys, but bear with me. Cambodia is always behind on the technology side of things. I loved it. It was so Christmassy. I think that was the first time I’ve actually watched.  How that is possible when I’m 19 years old I have no idea, but it will definitely become a Christmas tradition. I loved Elder Bednar’s talk and how much everyone talked about Jesus Christ and everything he can do for us. The comparison of him being the light is incredible. Can you imagine being in absolute darkness for 3 days and then having Him come visit you? That would be amazing!!! He can be a physical light and a spiritual light. Such beautiful imagery. I love it!! We went to lunch at Mom's Kitchen with the crew- a joy as always. We then went to teach Srey Bov and Ming Sovana. Turns out it was Odom's (her son) birthday. You know what that means!!! Lots of food and cake. (: it was so much fun. I felt like I was just apart of their family. We had Thai Curry and it was delicious!!! WE sang hymns because that's what you do at birthdays and then we even had cake. Me and Srey pov started a frosting fight and that was the best thing ever. We got everyone. She finally got me and I screamed way loud... then I couldn't get the frosting off my face and the bishops son tried to get it off my face, but that is Khoh cbab (against the rules) so I just ran away from him. haha Awkward encounters happen with him way to often. Basically they have just become my home away from home. I love them!!! Oh, real quick there were 4 different languages being spoken at this birthday party English, Thai, Khmer, and Vietnamese. pretty cool, right? 

Wednesday was our moving day. It literally took all day, but it was all worth it when we got to the new house. It is so nice!!! They moved our things out of our old apartment (fourth floor) with a rope. They just lowered it down all the way from the fourth floor. So Cambodian. oh, the things they do in this country. 

Thursday- New years was non-existent... we got some coke from our landlord and ate some Khmer food, but we still went to bed at 9:30. it was very unexciting. It just doesn't feel like the New Year. I'm still living in July, when I entered the MTC. 

Sunday we had a way cool experience. Sister Souen was able to go and get her patriarchal blessing. It was a challenge finding the church, but somehow we managed. I am convinced that the Holy Ghost led and directed me. The patriarch is the cutest old om you've ever seen with the cutest smile. I was able to think about when I got my blessing as I waited for her and I realized again how big of a blessing it is that we have to opportunity to receive personal revelation like that. So cool. Just shows how much Heavenly Father really does love us. ah, and then at church we had 5 less actives comes to sacrament meeting. Miracles!!!!!    Thank you time change. (: 

And that sums up my week. Sorry it was so short and not very exciting... maybe next week will be better. (: also, I don't have much time and the computer is freaking out... gotta love Cambodian computers. hahaha sometimes you've just gotta love everything about your life in this country.

Sister Loftus
Double D 

How you move out of a fourth floor apartment in Cambodia-you use a rope and bucket.

Saying good-bye to my first pteah (house)

Hello to our new apartment, so nice!

Mosquito bites-plural

More bites and tan lines, not dirt!

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